What is a Were-Proxy
How it works
Advantages of the Were-Proxy
How is it Anti-Comment-Spam?
Installing a WereProxy
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WereProxy (werewolf proxy) - Free Backlink Builder

Are you tired of spending time and money on tools such as Xrumer, Scrapebox, SeNuke etc to build backlinks? Are you fed up of doing searches, sorting your data, inventing comments, searching for proxies and other boring tasks just to get backlinks? What if there was a backlink building tool that allowed you to out-source all the tasks to other people? You could then just sit back and reap the backlinks without having to lift a finger. There is a free open-source tool today called the WereProxy that will do all of this for you. All you have to do is set up the tool and then forget about it. It's like having thousands of people working for you for free!

Figure 1.Overview of how the wereproxy operates.
You could have thousands of dollars worth of software and have an army of unknowing slaves all working for you for free! This backlink building software is completely free. All you need to do is find a place to host it, configure it and then forget about it. This allows you to build thousands of backlinks a day without spending any time in front of a computer or spending any money on software.

What is a Were-Proxy?

The WereProxy is a production deployment or weaponization of the open source were-proxy project. A Were-Proxy (as in werewolf) is a proxy that responds normally to most requests, but will turn into a monster and modify a POST'ed spam comment. It will replace a url and or text with an alternative in the request and then reverse the changes in the response. This means the client usually doesn't notice anything unusual. You get other people (mules) to buy expensive software and captcha breaking services, and post YOUR links on the web. All the while you are sitting back and watching tv.

How it works

There is a huge network of free and anonymous proxies today. A WereProxy's aim is to squeeze itself into the existing network and disappear. A fast and responsive WereProxy will be daisy chained quickly by other proxies and integrated into the anonymous network. The WereProxy then uses this anonymous network of independent daisy chained proxies to hide it's identity. However, most incarnations of these proxy will donate a lot of bandwith by being an exit proxy for most requests.

Figure 2.Wereproxy interactions.
  1. The user sends a request goes to Proxy-1
  2. Proxy-1 is piggybacking on a were-proxy, so the request goes to WereProxy
  3. If the WereProxy changes the request it then send it to another proxy, in this example Proxy-2. The response it gets is then modified again to undo the changes, before sending it back to the originator.
  4. Proxy-2 sends out the request to the target site. As you can see the WereProxy's IP is hidden by the entry and exit proxies.
  5. If the proxy doesn't modify the request it may send it out directly to the targetr site. This reduces the number of hops and makes the proxy responsive, and more likey to be used.

Advantages of a Were-Proxy

Here are the many advantages of having a wereproxy.
  • Generate an enormous amount of backlinks every second of every day.
  • Fire and forget - Once you configure the proxy, it runs without supervision. You don't need to do anything.
  • Comment variety - As thousands of different users will use your proxy, the comments, blogs, forums posted will have a lot of variety.
  • Free - The only backlink building tool that is freely available.
  • Replace urls, hrefs and bbcode.
  • Army of slaves - Get other people to do your work. They scrape the blogs/forums, sort them, write comments and you get the backlinks!!!!

How is it Anti-Comment-Spam?

The WereProxy can be an incredible tool for comment spammers, but by using it, it has the potential to disrupt the well established blackhat industry that heavily relies on proxies. The aim is to destroy the trust of proxies. Can you afford not to startup a WereProxy, when all your competitors are probably using it? Which proxy can you trust? If you are a WereProxy webmaster, can you trust the downstream proxy you are piggy-backing on? What if it in turn is another WereProxy and modifies the request you just modified? Who can you trust?